Album Review: Weezer - Hurley (Epitah)

Naming the album after a character from Lost? Rest assured that's where the puzzlement ends as Weezer's charm and spark returns in vast quantities

Every time a new Weezer album comes out the number of people bearing residual good will towards them slowly shrinks (especially when they don’t send out any review copies until the album’s actually bloody out). It’s a pleasure to report, then, that ‘Hurley’, the band’s eighth album, is a return to form in a huge way. Of the highlights, ‘Ruling Me’ is as buoyant as it is bittersweet, ‘Where’s My Sex?’ a coy ode to just how good it feels to wear socks and ‘Memories’ a warm reminder of just how much fun they’ve had over the years. Most importantly, it’s got the charm and spark of the Weezer of old, and that’s a quality you just can’t fake.

Rob Parker

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8 / 10

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