Weird Dreams - 'Choreography'

Awash with pop’s primary colours

  • Release Date 02 Apr, 2012
  • Producer Weird Dreams
  • Record Label Tough Love
  • Fact The band started out as a conversation about music in a vintage clothes shop
7 / 10
Surfing on a wave of Beach Boys-inspired psych-jaunts and cooing doo-wop harmonies, Weird Dreams’ debut is awash with pop’s primary colours. Yet ‘Choreography’ is more than a watered-down pastiche of its influences. Instead, the east Londoners have conquered where others have since failed: scoring pop in all its simple pleasures for an instant, enjoyable and intelligible record. From the bright and bounding Girls-style guitar hooks on ‘Vague Hotel’ and ‘Holding Nails’, to the juxtaposed XTC riffs that puzzle together to make ‘Faceless’, its indie innocence would be too much if it wasn’t for the darkened, Lynchian hum that hangs over the record.

Thomas A Ward

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