Wiley - 'Snakes & Ladders'

The MC asserts his place at the top of grime's tree with an epic tenth album

  • Release Date 03 Nov, 2014
  • Record Label Big Dada
8 / 10
Back in February Wiley scrapped ‘Snakes & Ladders’, tweeting “needs to be epic or there’s no point”. He made the right decision. This 10th album is undoubtedly epic, built on towering synths, buzzing bass and thudding drums. After the major label pop of 2013’s ‘The Ascent’, ‘Snakes…’ marks a return to Wiley’s grime roots. Ten furious three-minute grime bangers give way to closer ‘Snakes & Ladders (Part Two)’, which condenses the 35-year-old MC’s musical history into a brain-twisting 11-minute medley. The result is Wiley’s most consistently satisfying album; free of commercial pap, it’s a rampant affirmation of his place at the top of grime’s tree.

Ben Cardew

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