Wolf Alice - 'Creature Songs' EP

The London quartet's second EP mixes dark folk and grisly grunge

  • Release Date 26 May, 2014
  • Producer Catherine Marks
  • Record Label Dirty Hit
  • Wolf Alice - 'Creature Songs' EP
8 / 10
One day there’ll be a successful horror franchise based on the true story of Wolf Alice. A beast of a band that lure in unsuspecting indiepop kids with Mazzy Star coos and clipped, winsome indie love songs about old photographs and then unleashing lines like “Time to die, time to kill… all for love, all for you, God’s a judge”, with bare claws like threshing blades gouging out their spleens with savage slashes of sadistic psycho-grunge guitar. It’s an approach that makes the London four piece a moodier, gothier Metric, but at least they’re upfront about it on this new EP. The first half – ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ and ‘Storms’ (“My demon’s my friend, so fight me”) – comes on like the ritual sacrifice of Throwing Muses with Courtney Love’s rustiest guitar strings before ‘Heavenly Creatures’ and ‘We Are Not The Same’ indulge their softer psychedelic doom-folk side, the dejected calm after the massacre. Forget quiet/loud, these ‘Creature Songs’ are quiet/ravenous.

Mark Beaumont

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