Album Review: Yacht - 'Shangri-La'

Look, we know these guys mean well – we’re just not really feeling their hippy-disco good vibes

Wow, YACHT are annoying. Wafty electro hippies with a penchant for MGMT-style sci-fi whimsy, they describe themselves as “a band, a belief system and a business”, and their blog is full of such new-age cockwaffle as, “We consider YACHT to be an evolutionary entity that grows constantly while remaining true to its origins, spirit and message.” Their fifth album has an equally gaseous theme – something about building a planetary utopia in our minds, dude.

The Portland, Oregon-based duo would have us believe they’re a wacky cult, calling us aboard their rocketship for a trip to the planet Good Vibez. It probably makes sense if you’re obliterated in a field, but for anyone living in the real world, it’s like being bricked up in a mineshaft with the world’s most boring stoner.

Sonically, YACHT have much in common with the likes of !!!, Chew Lips or Chairlift – they belong to that sub-genre of disco music made by people who have never been anywhere near a disco. Signed to DFA, they’re big on those chunky LCD basslines that make you do a white man’s overbite, before you catch your reflection in the window and loathe yourself.

Rock bottom comes with the title track, which features a spoken-word invitation to upload your soul to a global consciousness. “Our spirit will become so great everything will come to a stop! We will dance upon the entire universe!”, wibbles singer Claire L Evans.

It would be alright if they believed this stuff, but it’s all done with the detached sneer beloved of hipsters worldwide. They’re faux-hippies, not real ones. So I’m sorry YACHT, but when the galactic hovercraft comes to take us all away, I’m staying put. Nothing personal. I just have nothing in common with you people.

Luke Lewis

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4 / 10
YACHT - 'Utopia/Dystopia' Music Video YACHT - 'Utopia/Dystopia' Music Video
Video: YACHT - 'Utopia/Dystopia' Music Video

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