Album review: Yeti Lane - Yeti Lane (Sonic Cathedral)

A harmonious union of cosmic rock with sparkling pop

Naming your band after a monumental psychedelic masterpiece by German space rockers Amon Düül II AND ‘Penny Lane’ by The Beatles could be seen as a little bit gauche. Luckily for us Yeti Lane live up to the billing. Their nomenclature is ideal for describing the harmonious union of cosmic rock with sparkling pop that this enchanting album contains. ‘Lonesome George’ is a staggering combination of Van Morrison’s blue-eyed soul, the tender balladry of Herman Düne and the medicated bliss of prime Granddaddy. There is a nod to Can on ‘Twice’ and to Pavement on ‘First-Rate Pretender’. Overall though, the first thing this reminds you of is The Shins’ peerless ‘Oh, Inverted World’ in its easy combo of weighty classicism and a sparkling freshness.

John Doran

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9 / 10

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