Album Review: Young Knives - Ornaments From The Silver Arcade (Gadzook/ Pias)

An indie feat that is in no danger of changing your world, unless it's for the worse

Cat Stevens
Pic: Cat Stevens
As the world seemingly teeters on the brink of oblivion, arch indie suit-wearers Young Knives have summoned up every vestige of collective worth to bestow upon us ‘Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’, a collection of competent ditties unlikely to tilt the earth back on its axis.

The mildly diverting likes of ‘Love My Name’ will inspire mild murmurs of ‘meh’ before the listener switches over to The Archers in all probability. If you’re one of the saddos out there still longing for XTC to reform then ‘Sister Frideswide’ may tide you over for approximately 30 seconds. Otherwise you’ll hanker for this in the same way you hanker for abdominal cramps.

Jeremy Allen

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4 / 10
Young Knives - 'Love My Name' Video Exclusive Young Knives - 'Love My Name' Video Exclusive
Video: Young Knives - 'Love My Name' Video Exclusive

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