Young Knives - 'Oh Happiness'

The English eccentrics return

  • Release Date 24 Jun, 2013
  • Record Label Gadzook
5 / 10
Back in the mid-2000s, Young Knives earned cult status thanks to a very English, very eccentric take on new wave music and, lest we forget, a bass player who called himself The House Of Lords. But even then there was a sense that Young Knives were a brilliant, Blur-like Britpop band arriving 10 years too late. The new decade, then, has not been kind so far. Following 2011’s confused ‘Ornaments From The Silver Arcade’, the band have taken to the increasingly popular Kickstarter in an attempt to fan-fund their next album, ‘Sick Octave’. This EP, therefore, is presumably a shopfront for the band, showing off an electronic, experimental new sound epitomised by the distant vocoder voices, throbbing synthesizers, the 8-bit explosions of the horrid opener ‘Reproduction’ and the MBV-like sonic shower of the closer, ‘Signs Of Weakness’. The punky title track and the wistful ‘Maureen’ are tucked away in the middle – but they’re the ones that might convince old fans to actually stump up some cash.

Dan Stubbs

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