Zulu Winter - 'Language'

Not bad, until they pulled out their Coldplay-ish big guns

  • Release Date 14 May, 2012
  • Producer Tom Morris
  • Record Label Play It Again Sam
  • Fact Member Will is a London underground nerd on the sly, eagerly boasting to NME that the only tube stops containing all the vowels are Mansion House and South Ealing.
6 / 10
There’s currently a sizeable groundswell of young British bands like Zulu Winter: ensembles proffering modern and ‘cool’ musical motifs while, ultimately, being too earnest and populist for actual bleedin’-edge cool. A few strokes of fortune might send this London quintet – or, say, Clock Opera or Fixers – towards stratospheric hugeness. You can imagine a future where debut album ‘Language’, with its nods to Echo And The Bunnymen gloom, gauzy electro-indie keyboard swirls and booming ’80s drums, went down as Zulu Winter’s mildly quirky preamble before they pulled out their Coldplay-ish big guns. And where defensive fans quacked on about “preferring the earlier stuff”.

Noel Gardner
Zulu Winter - 'We Should Be Swimming'
Video: Zulu Winter - 'We Should Be Swimming'

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