Amy Winehouse told Mark Ronson: ‘Are you trying to make me sound like the bloody Libertines?’

Producer made the claims at the New Yorker festival on Saturday

Mark Ronson has spoken about working with the late Amy Winehouse, claiming that the singer thought he was trying to turn her into The Libertines.

Speaking at the New Yorker festival on Saturday (October 3), Ronson praised the British singer, who passed away in 2011.

“She had really great chops, a really great way around the guitar with jazz chords because that’s what she loved,” he said, according to The Guardian, adding that Winehouse never changed lyrics after writing them in an initial bout of inspiration.

“I remember when she first sang ‘Back To Black’ and I was blown away by it but she sang: “We only said goodbye in words/I died a hundred times“. The uptight producer in me said: ‘That’s weird, it doesn’t rhyme. Do you think you should change that?’ She looked at me like I was an alien because to her, she wrote it like that – that was what came out.”

Ronson also spoke of recording the hit ‘Rehab’ with Winehouse, stating that when he sped it up and added his own “shitty drumming” to the track, Winehouse said to him: “Are you trying to make me sound like the bloody Libertines?”

NMEDerek Bremner/NME

Mark Ronson recently described Amy Winehouse as “one of the best lyricists of this generation”.

Winehouse passed away from accidental alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at the age of 27. A feature-length documentary about her life, Amy was released in cinemas earlier this year (July 3) and broke a UK box office record in its opening weekend.

Ronson described himself as being “very emotional watching 80% of the movie”, adding that it was “a bit like hanging out with an old friend again”.