Amy Winehouse’s father considering own film to ‘correct all the wrongs’ of ‘Amy’ documentary

Mitch is allegedly working on the project with the singer's former fiancé Reg Traviss

The father of late singer Amy Winehouse is allegedly in talks to produce his own documentary based on the life and death of his daughter.

A new film about Winehouse, Amy, gets a general release on July 3. The documentary was directed by Asif Kapadia, award-winning director of Senna, and focuses on her rise and fall. Scroll below to see an exclusive video interview with Kapadia.

The singer’s father Mitch Winehouse recently claimed that the documentary tries to portray him in “the worst possible light”, revealing that he ordered the film to be re-edited upon viewing its original cut.

Now, a source tells The Mirror that Mitch, along with Winehouse’s former fiancé Reg Traviss, is considering a feature-length film showing their side of the story.

“Mitch and Reg are talking about doing something to correct all the wrongs and omissions in the new film,” the source said. “Their own take on Amy’s life is being discussed.”

Winehouse died of accidental alcohol poisoning in 2011. She released two albums ‘Frank’ (2003) and ‘Back to Black’ (2006) during her lifetime.

NMETom Oxley/NME
Amy Winehouse photographed for NME

Thousands attended the UK premiere of the ‘Amy’ documentary at Glastonbury Festival last week (June 25).

The screening found hundreds of people left outside the tent as film editor Chris King spoke to the assembled crowd ahead of the event.

Speaking about the making of the film, King said: “It took a long time for her close friends to trust people who were any part of the media, but her closest friends slowly began to offer small bits of information that became the backbone of the film.”

He continued: “We saw an Amy that no-one knew: funny, witty, foul-mouthed and charming. For the people putting it together, it was an overwhelming experience.”