Morrissey accuses Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis of being an ‘animal hater’

The former Smiths frontman says the festival organiser censored his 2011 show

Morrissey has accused Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis of being an ‘animal hater’.

Writing on fansite True To You in a post titled ‘Glastonbury Festival is not animal friendly’, the singer said Eavis censored his show at the festival back in 2011, when he wished to broadcast a video displaying ‘the evils of factory farming’ while he played ‘Meat Is Murder’.

Morrissey writes: “I was told that Michael Eavis had stopped the screening of the film because it wasn’t indicative of how his dairy farm operated… Michael Eavis also went on to justify banning the film by saying it would “upset” younger people. What Michael Eavis was saying, in effect, was: “it’s OK for our belly, but not for our eyes … and at all costs don’t educate anyone on animal cruelty because it might damage the financial profits of our happy Glastonbury Farm.” If he had thought the film gave an incorrect view of dairy farming, he wouldn’t have cared if the film had been shown, but he banned the film because he knew the film was truth.” He adds: “Like most animal haters, Michael appears to be one of those people who love dead animals, yet hate live ones.” Read the full post by clicking here.

Morrissey recently announced an 18-date US tour for June and July, with Blondie and Amanda Palmer among his support acts. Morrissey’s previous two North American tours to promote last year’s album ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ were curtailed by illness. He revealed in October that he had been receiving treatment for cancer. The cancellations meant that shows with veteran singers Tom Jones and Cliff Richard supporting were unable to go ahead.

However, Morrissey fulfilled all the dates on his British tour in March, naming his show at Birmingham Barclaycard Arena as the highlight of the run. Writing on True To You, Morrissey said: “We tender and render very sincere thanks to you for our triumphant March tour. The guilt I feel at my own happiness… Good times for a change. Is it illegal to be this happy?”

In December, Morrissey told Serbian radio station B92 he had begun planning the follow-up to ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’, stating: “We have written a new album and we’d like to record it in February.” It isn’t known which record label will release the album, after the cancellation of Morrissey’s contract with Harvest Records just three weeks after ‘World Peace Is None Of Your Business’ was released in August 2014.