The Chainsmokers say Lady Gaga beef taught them a ‘lesson’

Duo made headlines after saying that Gaga's single 'Perfect Illusion' 'sucks'

The Chainsmokers have addressed their recent publicised clash with Lady Gaga, saying that they learned a “lesson” from their comments.

The duo feuded with Gaga after Alex Pall said last year that her single ‘Perfect Illusion’ “sucks”. He told Rolling Stone: “A lot of talented people worked on it, but…” Gaga responded by sending them her new song ‘A-Yo’ on Twitter, with the message: “Maybe you guys will like tis one better.”

Speaking to Howard Stern, Pall has now said: “We’ve since reached out to her and explained, because it was really taken out of context. We were talking about how much we respect her as an artist and everything she’s done but that I’m just not a fan of her new song. Of course it came out just so much worse.”

“I felt bad. I don’t think it’s cool to make those sort of judgments anyway. Keep it to yourself,” he added.

Pall also said that the incident taught him a lot about the media, continuing: “That was a lesson on my part for a lot of reasons. I’m 32 now, and no one’s given a shit what I’ve said for 30 years of my life, not a single fuck has been given.”

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Pall and bandmate Drew Taggart previously told NME that they admired Gaga’s response. Pall said: “She killed that tweet, it was such an response from her. I love banter, and that was such a clever, witty response. 10/10.”

He added: “It was just my opinion, which I thought nobody would give a shit about. She can have that victory, I hope her album does incredibly well.”

Taggart joked that ‘A-Yo’ seemed to be an attack on The Chainsmokers, commenting: “It’s like ‘Did you write this ahead of time?’ Because it’s like the universe aligning just for you to get us.”