Watch Judd Apatow recall the time Paul McCartney refused to give him his phone number

'Knocked-Up' director tells anecdote on US TV's 'Conan'

Judd Apatow has recalled the time he asked Paul McCartney for his phone number and got rejected.

Appearing on US TV’s Conan, Apatow – known for his films Knocked-Up and Superbad – explained how he was doing stand-up and improv shows in New York when McCartney “kept coming in”.

“He loves comedy,” Apatow said. “He’s like a great guy. He was always hilarious. That’s why we like The Beatles, because they were always so funny.”

“I would say hello to him afterwards nervously and then after a couple of times, I thought, ‘Maybe I might ask him out to lunch’. Right? My he’s the lonely cheerleader that nobody asks out to the prom… And so I had a piece of paper and a pen and was like, ‘Hey, we should go out to lunch’… He was very nice but he instinctively said no. He found a nice way to do it. Then the next day, my friend said, ‘Hey, I took pictures of you while you were talking to Paul McCartney’ and he found a photo of that moment.”

Apatow then shared a photo of McCartney recoiling away from him with his hands in the air. Watch below.

Apatow also revealed that he’s recording a Netflix stand-up special in July.

It was recently revealed that Paul McCartney once punched Eddie Vedder in the face. The Pearl Jam frontman hosted a guest DJ set on SiriusXM’s new Beatles channel, during which he recalled the incident.

The pair were hanging out in a hotel bar in Seattle when McCartney began telling Vedder about a time when he hit a man. The Beatle mimed punching someone, but accidentally caught Vedder in the face.

“I remember tasting a bit of blood,” Vedder said, adding that McCartney apologised before finishing his anecdote. “And I remember when it went away, when the pain subsided and the swelling went down,” he continued. “I kinda missed it.”