Watch Die Antwoord’s Ninja talk about playing basketball with Drake and watching anal sex porn with Kanye

The South African rapper recalls awkward story in new video

Die Antwoord rapper Ninja has recalled an awkward story about playing basketball with Drake and Kanye West and then allegedly watching anal sex porn with Kanye afterwards.

Speaking in a video for Viceland, South African shock-rap artist Ninja (real name Watkin Tudor Jones) opens the story by explaining that Paris Hilton had FaceTimed him while he was in bed and that West was in the background of the video call.

Having been invited to West’s house “in this stuck-up white area” with “horses and a big Jurassic Park swimming pool”, he says he spoke with the rapper about graffiti by his pool before Kanye invited him next door to play basketball at Drake’s house.

Ninja explains that he had previous beef with Drake and that he had seen the rapper live at a festival once and that it was “the worst show I’ve ever seen”.

Arriving to see “giraffe sculptures” and a “waterfall” at Drake’s mansion, Ninja details the awkward encounter: “I was trying to make conversation but he didn’t really want to talk”.

When the game began, Ninja was on Kanye’s team but got sidelined for a better player. Kanye’s team eventually won. “The only thing I regret in life is that I didn’t practice basketball more,” he says. “It would have been really beautiful if I could have gone up once and just slam-dunked… and teabagged [Drake]. That would have been amazing but that didn’t happen.”

Ninja then goes on to claim that he and Kanye went back to watch Star Wars at West’s place when the star suddenly “switched on anal sex porno”. (Ninja had made the same anal sex video claims last year.) He then claims to have eaten Kim Kardashian’s homemade banana pudding with West and Travis Scott.

“Kanye would hit me up from time to time but then it got a bit weird, so I blocked his number,” Ninja says at the end of the video.

Watch in full below:

Die Antwoord’s latest album ‘Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid’ came out in 2016 and their next record, ‘The Book Of Zef’, is expected to be their last, coming this September.