Fat White Family respond to backlash over use of racial slur

Band have been criticised for use of n-word in mocking post about Boris Johnson

Fat White Family have responded to controversy over their use of a racial slur in an online post, saying they were parodying “the disgusting racists that run this country”.

The South London band was formed by brothers Lias and Nathan Saoudi, who are both of Algerian descent. They released their debut album ‘Champagne Holocaust’ in 2013, followed by ‘Songs for Our Mothers’ last year.

The band recently took to Twitter and Facebook to criticise and mock Boris Johnson, who recently said that the municipality of Sirte could become “the next Dubai”, saying: “the only thing they’ve got to do is clear the dead bodies away and then they’ll be there”. Downing Street later distanced itself from the foreign secretary’s remarks, saying it did not think they were an “appropriate choice of words”.

Making reference to Boris’ comments, the band posted a message online that read: “Only a peppering of sand n****r carcasses to shift and we’ve got ourselves a new Dubai gentlemen! Onwards!!!” The band have since deleted their Facebook post, but the tweet remains (scroll below to see).

After Pitchfork reported on the story, the band responded with a message on Facebook, explaining why they had deleted the previous post and defending their original remarks.

“Crawl back up Mac DeMarco‘s hole where you belong you fucking fascists,” the band wrote. “Racial abuse was something I had to deal with everyday growing up and I’ll parody the disgusting racists that run this country in as visceral a way as possible at my leisure.”

“I took that post down last [night] because I couldn’t be bothered to sit arguing with fucking morons online all evening,” they added.

When approached by NME, Fat White Family’s press representative had no further comment.

Fat White Family previously feuded with Mac DeMarco in 2015, threatening to “join ISIS” if the Canadian singer-songwriter continued to make music.

DeMarco later suggested the criticism came from him rejecting the band’s offer to play together live. “I don’t know anything about them,” he said. “I don’t know anything about their music, but it just kind of comes off as misinformed and a little bit disrespectful.”