McDonald’s launches its first ever vegan burger

The McVegan is currently being trialled in Finland

McDonald’s has launched its first ever vegan burger.

The McVegan is a new soy-based offering on the fast food chain’s menu and is currently being trialled in Finland.

As the Evening Standard reports, the dish includes a soy-based patty with salad and a new vegan McFeast dressing.

Customers in Tampere, Finland can try the new burger out until November 21. If successful, the McVegan could then be added to the chain’s menus around the world, although McDonald’s has yet to disclose future plans for the meal.

See a photo of the McVegan burger below.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s recently pulled an advert after a series of complaints arguing that the commercial takes advantage of child bereavement.

The advert sees a young boy asking his mother what his deceased father was like. His mother lists a series of attributes which sees the boy becomes sad, seemingly thinking he has nothing in common with his father.

Once they arrive at McDonald’s the boy begins to eat a Filet-O-Fish.“That was your dad’s favourite too,” his mother comments which sees the boy’s face light up – glad to find something in common with his dad.

Within a week of the ad first airing, The Advertising Standards said it already received 100 complaints. A spokesman told The Guardian: “Complainants have objected that it is inappropriate and insensitive to use bereavement and grief to sell fast food. Some complainants have referenced the proximity to Father’s Day.

“We’re carefully assessing the complaints but no decision has been reached on whether there are grounds to launch an investigation.”