Liam Gallagher on Oasis split: “I won’t fucking get over it.”

“That fucking band meant everything to me."

Former frontman Liam Gallagher has opened up about his real feelings on the Oasis split in an emotional new interview.

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Speaking to Hamish MacBain for his guest editor interview for the first ever issue of NME Gold, Gallagher admitted to still feeling upset about the split.

“That fucking band meant everything to me. Everything. It’s in my veins. It’s not about the money,” Gallagher said.

He continued. “I’m still deeply fucking disturbed and still deeply grieving for that band.”

Later in the interview, he confessed that he still hadn’t moved on from the band split in 2009. “I know it’s been nine years or however long it is, and I know people go, ‘Yeah, but get over it.’ But no. I won’t fucking get over it. Maybe I need to go and see someone about it. The Ready Brek glow was there, and now it’s not. It was like part of my fucking system and soul was ripped and fucking just fucked off to the side.”

Elsewhere in the issue, Liam Gallagher discussed the music that shaped him, including The Beatles, The Sex Pistols and the Stone Roses.