How to get Glastonbury 2019 tickets in the resale

We're already longing for those Worthy fields.

In 2017 Glastonbury took what’s known as a a fallow year; in 2018 the fields of Worthy Farm were given a 12 month break to recover from the perpetual stomping of thousands and thousands of festival-goers. It also meant a summer spent pining after the Pyramid Stage, but thankfully, Emily Eavis and her team will soon be back bigger than ever.

Bagging Glastonbury tickets is notoriously difficult and the ticket sale in 2018 was gruelling. Tickets for this year’s sold out in 35 minutes, leaving lucky fans deliriously happy and other’s absolutely gutted. 

There’s still a chance you can get in – though the odds are stacked against you. Here’s how you can still get into the party of the year.

When is the Glastonbury ticket resale?

There will be a small amount of tickets available on Thursday April 25, 2019 (returned coach packages) and on Sunday April 28, 2019 (general admission).

These tickets are made up of returned tickets from punters who managed to bag them. There’s no knowing how many get added to the sale  but there’s even fewer opportunities in this sale. Make sure

Do I need to register to buy a ticket?

Yes. No registration, no ticket, sadly – and if you’ve missed the boat you’re too late to buy tickets for Glastonbury 2019. Registrations for this year closed on October 1 2018, and if you haven’t already signed up on Glastonbury’s website, you’ll have to try again another year.

Next time around, make sure you sign up on the Glastonbury website with a recent passport-style photo well ahead of time. It’s worth getting your registration sorted out way before early October deadline in case your photo submission is rejected the first time around.

Organisers recently told those already registered to update their entry to include a photo that was taken within the last two years. Any customers affected by this will have been notified already by the festival. Anyone who registered before 2010 also needed to update their details to avoid their registration becoming invalid.

If you’re unsure, you can check the status of your registration here.  And for anyone who’s all set up on the system, it’s worth retrieving your registration number and noting it down ready for when ticket-buying time comes around.

When do Glastonbury tickets go on sale?

Coach package tickets for Glastonbury ‘19 went on sale on October 4 2018 at 6pm BST – and sold out. 

Usually there are around 15,000 coach package tickets up for grabs, including National Express coach transport to the festival from a series of locations across the UK.

See Tickets is the only ticket agency permitted to sell tickets for Glastonbury Festival, so beware of trying to buy from anywhere else.

How much are Glastonbury 2019 weekend tickets?

Weekend tickets for Glastonbury 2019 cost £248, plus a £5 booking fee. As ever, the price of the ticket includes entry to the festival, five nights camping, a free programme and mini-guide, onsite newspaper and mobile charging points, free firewood and access to the Kidzfield. A portion of the ticket price is also donated to Oxfam, Greenpeace, Wateraid and hundreds of other worthy causes, while funds are also used to improve the site’s infrastructure and environmental impact.

And how much are coach package Glastonbury tickets?

Coach package tickets for Glastonbury 2019 will cost the same price as a standard weekend ticket, plus your return coach fare. This will vary depending on where you’re planning on travelling from – you can check out last year’s available destinations (along with coach fares) below.

Bath £34
Birmingham £50
Brighton £55
Bristol £35.50
Cambridge £72
Cardiff £41.50
Edinburgh £107.50
Glasgow £107
Leeds £70
Leicester £53
Lincoln £67
Liverpool £68
London £56
Manchester £68
Newcastle upon Tyne £87
Norwich £75
Nottingham £62
Oxford £48.50
Plymouth £44
Reading £49
Sheffield £68.50
Southampton £54
Stoke £58.50
Swansea £43
Swindon £47
Taunton £39
Truro £54
York £80

Coach packages are great because they save festival-goers the hassle of organising transport; they also go on sale separately to the main general sale.

It’s worth noting that coach packages are extremely popular and have sold out in 15 minutes in the past! It’s definitely worth noting down your nearest travel points beforehand to avoid any last minute scrabbles during payment. You only get a 10-minute window to grab your tickets once you’ve secured them.

What secret methods will help me beat the Glastonbury ticket rush?

Every Glastonbury veteran has their own magical trick of the trade when it comes to securing tickets year in, year out. But the real secret, according to organisers, is boring and effective. To borrow the Scouts’ motto: be prepared.

“Make sure you have all your registration details (including postcodes) ready and checked in advance, that there are sufficient cleared funds on the card you intend to use to book, and that you know all the security information for that card,” they advise.

It’s important to enter in your details accurately once you reach the booking page – you will have 6 minutes to complete the transaction once you have entered the booking process, and you’re more likely to succeed if you don’t make any mistakes at this stage.

Organisers also recommend a bit of determination. “Be persistent and patient – there are likely to be more people trying to buy tickets than there are tickets available, so inevitably not everyone will be able to book tickets, but the longer you try the more likely you are to get a ticket.”

Can I pay a deposit on my Glastonbury tickets and pay the rest later?

Yes! Thankfully, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of pounds at once. Glastonbury offer up a lovely deposit scheme which means you only have to pay £50 to secure your ticket. After that, you have until April 2019 – there’s a designated week in which you’ll be asked to pay the rest of your balance. If you placed a deposit on more than one ticket, you and your pals can pay off your balances individually – as long as you each have your post codes and registration numbers ready to log in.

I fancy a bit of luxury camping – when and how do I pay for that?

If you’ve decided to take your camper van along, or if you fancy taking up a spot in the decidedly glamorous tipis in Worthy View, you’ll be pleased to know you can add these extras to your tickets later on. According to organisers, Worthy View accommodation will go on sale to ticket holders a couple of weeks after the general ticket sales. “You will also be able to book camper van tickets and tipis in this sale,” states the website, adding that further information about all of the available options will be available soon.

If you really fancy living la vida luxury, Glastonbury’s quaintly named ‘Tipi Village’ contains 18ft tipis with access to a private fire pit, cafe, and toilet block. Ooer! It’s not the cheapest, mind –  last year tipi hire cost £995 per tent, with room for 6 adults. However, never fear – the festival also offers other pre-erected tent options suiting different budgets; have a look at last year’s selection here.

Worthy View tents and tipis are not included in the general entry ticket price and neither are camper van tickets.  You only need one camper van pass per vehicle – it doesn’t matter if more than one person is staying in the camper van. Keep a look out for the accommodation sale after you’ve sorted your standard tickets.

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Can I see the line-up before buying my tickets?

No – Glastonbury famously don’t announce any of their line-up ahead of tickets going on sale.

However, you may as well embrace the surprise – Glastonbury is always bursting with amazing acts of all varieties. The 2017 edition of the festival was headlined by Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran, with a legend slot from Bee Gees’ Barry Gibb.

If you’re desperate to find out who’s set to play, Emily and Michael Eavis – Glastonbury’s chief organisers – are notorious for dropping multiple hints.

Rumours have already begun for 2019’s headliners, with Michael Eavis previously telling NME that there’ll be “two or three [acts] that have never played”. Emily Eavis, meanwhile, added that they had “booked one headliner so far” and hinted at a range of genres. “Headliners should be the best artists around – whether they’re rappers, pop stars or rock bands,” she said. “The genre is irrelevant – it’s about who is going to produce the most exciting show and is making the best music.”

Stormzy has now been confirmed as the Friday night headliner, while Kylie takes the the Legends slot on Sunday afternoon. Other acts that have been announced include Janelle Monae.