There’s a new set of Pokémon games in the works

Three new characters are being lined up too

Pokémon has announced plans for two new games – Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

The new games, which will be released later this year, take place in the Galar region, where the terrain ranges from rolling countryside to snow-capped mountains.

Three new characters – Grookey: a curious chimp Pokémon, Scoorbunny: an energetic rabbit Pokémon, Sobble: a shy lizard Pokémon – have also been announced today (February 27) on self-proclaimed Pokémon Day, a celebration of the debut of the first two Pokémon games in 1996.

It’s the brand’s first new game generation since Generation 7 hit screens in late 2016, and the first series designed exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, a new trailer for an upcoming Pokémon movie was recently unveiled appearing to show that it will be a CGI remake of the original 1998 animation film.

The short teaser for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, which was released on New Year’s Day as clocks struck midnight in Japan, showed a CGI Mewtwo chasing after Mew through the sky.

It’s unclear if the upcoming remake will be entirely CGI or a combination of CGI and older animation. The new film’s tagline – The Legend Is Back – and a promotional poster that looks like a tribute to the original movie hint that the new film will mine from the late filmwriter Takeshi Shudo’s original work.

The official trailer for the live-action movie was unveiled back in November. It was met with by a mixed reaction from fans online, who drew comparisons between Ryan Reynolds’ Pikachu and the actor’s superhero role in Deadpool.