Fans claim influencer Dan Bilzerian’s photo with Cardi B was edited to make her ‘look skinnier’

"This is peak weirdo behaviour," one fan wrote

Fans of Cardi B have reacted to what appears to be an edited photograph of the pop star posing with social media influencer Dan Bilzerian.

Cardi had posted the original photo of herself and Bilzerian at his Ignite ‘Angels and Devils’ Valentine’s Day party earlier this month, before Bilzerian seemingly uploaded a Photoshopped version of it to his Instagram.

Underneath the image shared by Bilzerian, fans of Cardi claimed that it had been “photshopped” [sic] to make the pop star “look skinnier”. Twitter user jackdwagner wrote: “this is peak weirdo behaviour.”

Elsewhere in the photo, the original image of the television screen in the background has been edited to show a logo of Ignite, Bilzerian’s marijuana company, which was hosting the party that Cardi B attended.

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They can’t tell us how to act @iamcardib @ignite

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Metro reports that Bilzerian “edited the stomach of the girl in the background to make her tummy flatter.”

Social media user jackdwagner also noted: “Really small but hilarious dumb guy detail is that he moved the reflections in her eyes to the center because he thinks they are her pupils.”

In other news, Cardi B recently joined Blueface in sharing the official video for their collaborative track ‘Thotiana Remix’.

Cardi B also made history at this year’s Grammys as she became the first female solo artist to bag the Best Rap Album award.