“Do you really think that it’s possible to tear his name down?” Paris Jackson responds to ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary on social media

The remarks have sparked controversy on social media

Paris Jackson has responded to the recent abuse claims against her father, Michael Jackson, on social media via a series of posts and responses to fans.

Her comments follow the airing of the two-part Leaving Neverland documentary which explored allegations of sexual abuse made against her father by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who both say the pop star abused them as children.

In the posts, Paris variously told her followers to “chillax”, “calm down” and “smoke some weed” before defending her father, telling one person on Twitter: “…Do you really think that it’s possible to tear his name down? [Like] do you truly believe they stand a chance?”


You can read some of the posts here:


In an interview with NME this week, Taj Jackson revealed details of his Leaving Neverland counter documentary, saying it wouldn’t just be another documentary celebrating the life and times of his uncle.

“There’s loads of those already,” he explained. “This is not going to be a puff piece. It’s not going to be, ‘Oh, let’s show Michael Jackson the humanitarian.’ This is about exposing all the things that have been mustering for 20, 30 years, you know?

“It’s going to start off with the 1993 allegations because I think that’s where everything started,” he continued, referring to the first public sexual abuse accusations made against Michael Jackson by Evan Chandler, the father of 13-year-old Jordan “Jordy” Chandler.

Taj Jackson says he’s working on his own Michael Jackson documentary

“It’s going to talk about the settlement in terms of the civil suit and why he settled,” Taj explained. “At one point he was very against settling and angry and then gave in. So why did he do that? So [the documentary is] going to talk about all of that.”

Asked whether he is going to be fair an unbiased when putting the documentary together, he answered: “I’m gonna go with the facts.” The Jackson estate have continually denied any claims of abuse against Michael.

Meanwhile, it was revealed earlier this week that The Simpsons confirmed that a 1991 episode starring Michael Jackson has been taken off air in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against the music icon.

The show’s decision to sever all ties with Jackson comes days after radio stations across the world began boycotting Jackson’s music in direct response to the allegations.

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