“This is nothing new”: Michael Jackson’s nephew responds to worldwide radio bans

"My uncle’s already gone through the system."

Michael Jackson’s nephew Taj has hit out at a number of radio stations across the world which have dropped Michael Jackson songs from their playlists.

It was confirmed last week that various radio stations had decided to stop playing Jackson’s music after the US broadcast of Leaving Neverland, in which revived sexual abuse allegations are made against the late singer.

According to CNN, multiple major radio stations in New Zealand have stopped airing Jackson’s music including commercial broadcaster MediaWorks. Meanwhile, CBC reports that in Canada three major Montreal-based radio stations have pulled Jackson’s music from the airwaves.

Speaking to NME, Taj Jackson played down the impact of a potential ban – and said they previously encountered the scenario when Jackson went on trial in 2005.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

“This is nothing new for us. In Germany, when the trial was going on, they banned Jackson music, not even just Michael Jackson music. So [3T] were banned and Janet [Jackson] was banned. So I think there was a natural reaction to punish everyone,” explained the former 3T singer.

“But why I’m saying that is my uncle’s already gone through the system and my uncle’s already been declared not guilty. My uncle’s already had a 10-year FBI investigation. It’s so unfair to convict him now off of a one-sided documentary, literally one-sided.”

This comes after Taj previously claimed that Michael’s family had attempted to stage an intervention over his relationships with children.