New Glastonbury weather report predicts “grim” and unsettled conditions

It looks like the mudbath could be back.

New weather reports predict that “grim” and unsettled conditions might be on their way to Glastonbury Festival 2019.

Taking place June 26 – 30 at Worthy Farm, Piton, Somerset, Glastonbury will see Stormzy, The Cure and The Killers head up a huge lineup that also includes the likes of Liam Gallagher, Janet Jackson, George Ezra, Miley Cyrus and Tame Impala, to name but a few.

Following on from earlier reports that saw the Met Office predict that a heatwave was going to take place at this year’s festival, a new report claims festival-goers should prepare for unsettled and cool conditions.

Gav’s Weather Vids has collated data on temperatures in England throughout the month of April going as far back as 1863. Then looking at how these temperatures have affected weather during the subsequent month of June and comparing the results to April 2019 temperatures, the weather forecast site’s prediction for June 2019 doesn’t look good, based on historical data.

“It’s about as bad as it gets really, so look away now if you want a decent summer,” said Gav of Gav’s Weather Vids.

“When we have had an April CET (Central-England-Temperature) within a range similar to this year, generally we tend to see below average heights over to the south of the UK and a cool, unsettled signal for June.”

He added: “We have a really strong blocking area of high pressure around Greenland and Iceland, and it tends to stick up the low pressure underneath it. That sends the jet stream careering off to the south, pulling cool air into that trough from the north. If it can go wrong, it is going wrong there!”

Watch Gav’s Weather Vids full summer 2019 analogues update below:

If Gav’s predictions are to be believed, Glastonbury-goers need to make sure they pack their wellies as Glastonbury Festival 2019 could see the return of its famous mudbath conditions. In previous years, if a lot of rain has fallen onto the Pilton site in the lead up to the festival, Worthy Farm has quickly transformed into a lake of mud during the event.

“It’s not necessarily guaranteed at all that this summer is going to be very grim,” Gav added. “I know there will be a lot of people watching this video and getting very despondent about the fate of the summer, but it’s not by any means guaranteed that it will be anywhere near as bad as this package of analogues is showing.”

Meanwhile, it was reported this week that a dance arena in Glastonbury’s Shangri-La area will be built from reused plastic.

The ‘Gas Tower’ 360-degree arena, which will host sets by artists and DJs including Subfocus and Bicep, will be made from plastic found on beaches, streets, and parks.

The festival has banned the sale of plastic bottles at this year’s event.