Matty Healy tells BTS that “the weed smell and the chicken in the corridor” belongs to The 1975 during hotel stay

It was "100% George and not me."

Matty Healy has owned up to K Pop band BTS that “the weed smell and the chicken in the corridor” at a hotel they shared belonged to his The 1975 bandmates.

With both bands currently on tour in the US, it looks like The 1975 and BTS might have found themselves staying in the same establishment, if a recent tweet by Matty Healy is anything to go by.

“Hey @bts_bighit you’re in the hotel room next to me,” Healy’s tweet began. “just wanted to say that the weed smell and the chicken in the corridor is 100% George and not me.”


Healy previously revealed that he checked into a Barbados rehab clinic ahead of recording ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ – with the honest admission coming after he referenced his drug battles on comeback single ‘Give Yourself A Try’.

Speaking in an interview with Q last year, Healy said that heroin made him “a worse writer, person, friend, partner [and] son.”

“I just want to apologise to my mum,” he said. “You can’t be a parent and have that kind of thing [his drug addiction] out there and not think, “Well, why didn’t I… You think it’s your fault, d’you know what I mean? When it’s completely not.”

The 1975 are in the US touring their acclaimed third album ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships’ – which received five stars from NME upon release.


The BRIT Award winners were forced to cancel on of the show’s after getting caught in a snowstorm on their way to it. Set to perform at Colorado’s Red Rocks, the band’s label Dirty Hit confirmed on Twitter that road closures had prevented the band from reaching the iconic outdoor venue.

“Tonight’s 1975 concert at Red Rocks is cancelled due to road closures across Interstate 80,” a statement confirmed.

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