“Everyone’s got quite big ideas”: Emily Eavis on performance plans at Glastonbury Festival 2019

The festival organiser spoke to Lauren Laverne ahead of next month's festival

Emily Eavis has spoken to BBC Radio 6 Music’s Lauren Laverne about how plans for this year’s Glastonbury Festival are coming along, revealing that a number of acts have “big ideas” as production talks begin.

Eavis also revealed that the festival organisers were “ahead of schedule on the build” as the various stages around the site were being constructed and production talks had begun.

“This is the time when everyone is thinking about what they’re going to bring here – all the bands, they’re thinking about how big the production is going to be, what they can do here,” Eavis told Laverne from the Pyramid Stage.

“Obviously, it’s not a standard gig, we’re not in a stadium. What you can do in a field is quite different so we’re talking to them and explaining about what’s possible and what’s not possible.

“Everyone’s got quite big ideas, it’s quite exciting. There’s some really, really good ideas flying around.”


Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage

Eavis also discussed this year’s clashes following the announcement of all of the stage times last week. “It’s so hard. The clashes are painful. We’ve really tried to not have too many bad clashes,” Eavis said, revealing that they were still making “last-minute” tweaks to the schedule line-up last week.

“There will always be clashes. It’s such a large-scale event, it’s like 3000 acts in total so it’s a lot and so it’s hard not to have those clashes.”

Emily’s father Michael told Laverne that he thought the festival was “more exciting than ever.”

“I feel really excited, this is the best bit. For me this is actually better than the actual show. The build up is the best bit for me, it’s so exciting… We can afford to do it properly now,” he said, referring to Glastonbury’s basic set design in the 70’s.

Glastonbury 2019 takes place from Wednesday 26 – Sunday June 30. Check back at NME for the latest Glastonbury news, and see the latest weather forecast here.