Marilyn Manson has been photographed with Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, and the internet can’t handle it

The Antichrist Superstar has been keeping unconventional company

Marilyn Manson was spotted mingling with the likes of Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas at a Los Angeles festival over the weekend, with Twitter duly losing its mind at the culture clash.

Jonas shared a photo on Twitter of himself and TV host Ryan Seacrest posing with a typically intense looking Manson on Twitter, saying “Hi we are the Jonas Brothers! And you’re watching Disney Channel!”

Pictures also emerged of Taylor Swift beaming next to the brooding goth-rock icon at the Wango Tango radio festival. This, of course, sent Twitter into meltdown.

“This photo of Taylor Swift and Marilyn Manson just opened up my third eye. I’ve ascended to Valhalla.” said one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, Manson was announced last month as a guest star in HBO’s upcoming series The New Pope, a follow up to 2016’s Jude Law-starring The Young Pope.

Law will reprise his role as Pope Pius XIII in the new show, while John Malkovich will also play a pope. Manson’s role is currently unknown, but he will appear alongside another guest star in Sharon Stone.

Earlier this year, Manson gave fans an update on his new album, saying he was in the studio finishing up work on the record. The release will mark his 11th studio album and will follow 2017’s ‘Heaven Upside Down’.