VestiVille labelled the new “Fyre Fest” after Belgium event is cancelled over security issues

"The organisation will now consult with their official partners about a refund"

A hip-hop music festival in Belgium ended before it began on Friday (June 28) over security and infrastructure concerns.

VestiVille was due to take place in Lommel over the weekend but the city’s mayor said that it was shut down because of safety issues.

A$AP Rocky was one of the acts performing on the opening day but he cancelled his appearance moments before going onstage after he was informed of the concerns by festival employees. Cardi B was also due to play the festival.

“VestiVille!!!: I won’t be performing today due to security and infrastructure concerns which relate to the production of the show,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The promoters told me it would be handled but unfortunately for you and me they didn’t.”

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky

VestiVille wrote on Facebook and Twitter on Friday that Lommel Mayor Bob Nijs stopped the festival on security grounds. The posts said that after consulting security services and security for star rapper A$AP Rocky, “it was decided that the safety of the artist and the public could not be guaranteed.”

Festivalgoers took to Twitter in the wake of the festival’s cancellation. Some users compared the festival to Fyre Festival, the fraudulent, failed 2017 “luxury” event in the Bahamas that led to the imprisonment of its co-founder and was the subject of two major documentaries aired on Netflix and Hulu.

One user wrote: “Currently at @VestiVille – this is FYRE festival 2.0 – was not allowed to leave the campsite during 14hours to go get food or water and they were not selling any either #vestiville.”

Another suer wrote: “Did #Vestiville organisers watch the Fyre Festival documentary and thought: Challenge accepted, let’s make the European edition 🤔”

BBC News spoke to a festival attendee from the UK about their experience.

Sammy, 24, from south London, said she and three friends paid more than £200 each for tickets and spent nearly a £1,000 for accommodation.

She said: “We got there about half an hour late and no-one was being let in.

“We were all stood at the entrance wondering what was happening. Everyone was shouting, ‘What the hell’s going on!'”

Sammy added there were “only about 10 to 15 security guards there.’

“It was mad. People started flipping tables and barging past.”

NME has contacted VestiVille for comment.