50 Cent

Evanescence’s Amy Lee says 50 Cent “hates her guts”

“I don’t want to start a beef with him,” she said

50 Cent and Fat Joe’s feud created issues in the New York Knicks

"It was really no issues between us at all until 50 and Fat Joe got into it"

Watch Ed Sheeran join 50 Cent on stage in London to perform ‘Shape Of You’

"It don’t get bigger than this," shared the US rapper

64-year-old hip-hop fan “Momma Jane” goes viral after “rocking with” 50 Cent at Birmingham gig

"The coolest person at my show tonight by far"

Aitch says the ‘Lost Files’ EP is “just pure vibes” and “for my old-school fans”

The Manchester also told NME about his plans for his next album, dreams of working with 50 Cent, and his "love-hate" relationship with Liam Gallagher

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Busta Rhymes got sentimental at London afterparty for ‘The Final Lap’ tour

"We on our Mr Miyagi shit now, we the senseis now. We the masters of our shit"

50 Cent is now sponsoring an under-14s football team in Cardiff

The team are set to wear their new uniform sponsored by the rapper next week

50 Cent is “glad” the Hollywood Writers’ Strike is over

"GreenLightGang back in action"

Here’s every song on ‘The Expendables 4’ soundtrack

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