Bring Me The Horizon

Go behind the scenes on Bring Me The Horizon’s socially-distanced ‘Parasite Eve’ video shoot

The video took inspiration from 'Tokyo Ghoul', 'Venom', and an unreleased film called 'The Inferno Unseen'

Bring Me The Horizon tell us about their new ‘survival horror song’ ‘Parasite Eve’ and ambitious ‘Post Human’ project

Sykes tells NME about their plans to drop four records this year, and how "the world doesn’t need light-hearted pop music right now – it needs anthems for anger"

Bring Me The Horizon’s new single ‘Parasite Eve’ is arriving this week

The band previously delayed the song's release in support of the Black Lives Matter movement

Watch Oli Sykes lay down some heavy vocals on new Bring Me The Horizon song

The group have shared some more new music from the studio

Bring Me The Horizon delay new track ‘Parasite Eve’ in support of Black Lives Matter

"We don’t feel comfortable releasing anything that takes the focus off what’s important right now"

Bring Me The Horizon confirm release date of new single ‘Parasite Eve’

The band have been busy working on new material during the lockdown

Watch Bring Me The Horizon record their eighth album while under lockdown

"Hopefully to bring a bit of joy & light to you guys in these dark times"