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Calvin Harris

You may have heard all the hoo-ha about how Calvin has been asking fans to host house parties around the release of this single, and the bleating from parents worried the china might get cracked. We’ll be having a party of our own as soon as the record hits the shops. One of those parties right-wing Christian groups have...

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Calvin Harris

You all know the Calvin Harris story by now (23 year-old Dumfries bedroom producer is turned, via furious adding on MySpace, from Marks & Spencer shelf-stacker into major Kylie-collaborating player). But far more important is just how crazily talented Harris is. Like Chromeo set to turbo, ‘Acceptable In The 80s’ was a slice of retro electro-funk so infectious it...

Calvin Harris

More shiny-surfaced shrink-wrapped synth-pop, now with extra irony, from Dumfries’ doyen of capitalist disco. Having celebrated Las Vegas and the decade that was the ’80s, now he’s bragging about how he gets “all the girls”. Like Mylo but not dull, the most brainless but booty-friendly handbag house riff meets the most gleefully idiotic lyrics. Live Earth this ain’t: leave...