Ja Rule releases new song ‘FYRE’ about the ill-fated festival

Ja Rule
"Hands up, who got their money back?"

Ja Rule cleared of wrongdoing in major Fyre Fest lawsuit

"This ruling is nothing short of a total vindication."

Ja Rule still hasn’t seen any of the Fyre Festival documentaries

Ja Rule
Ja Rule has admitted that he still hasn't watched any of the documentaries that have been made about the failed Fyre Festival. The rapper was involved in organising the disastrous and now-infamous 2017 Bahamas festival. The story of the event and the dealings of Ja's business partner Billy McFarland, who is currently serving a six-year prison sentence for fraud, were the...

Ja Rule is planning to re-release all his records as ‘visual albums’

Ja Rule has announced his plans to record new music videos for "every song" he's ever made - across a career spanning seven solo albums. The rapper announced the details of the ambitious project via Twitter. "I will be release ALL of my albums as visual albums," he wrote on Twitter. "I will be making a video for every song I've...

Billy McFarland’s mum is mad about those Fyre Festival documentaries

Amid the ongoing legal fallout from Fyre Festival's doomed 2017 event, and subsequent documentaries by Netflix and Hulu, the streaming platforms could be facing subpoenas from the trustee overseeing the festival's bankruptcy. According to a report by Bloomberg, federal trustee Gregory Messer is looking to find out more about how Netflix and Hulu obtained 'insider' footage for their documentaries, and how...

Ja Rule puts curse on NBA basketball team after awkward halftime show

Ja Rule
Ja Rule has “cursed” an NBA basketball team after he gave an awkward halftime performance during a match. The rapper and singer was booked to perform between halves in the game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and Milwaukee Bucks, held at the latter’s home court at Fiserv Forum. The game was billed as “nineties night”, which Rule commented on as...

Ja Rule wants to host another “iconic” event despite failure of Fyre Festival

Ja Rule
Ja Rule has revealed how he hopes to stage another "iconic" event, despite the catastrophic failure of Fyre Festival. The rap mogul was heavily involved in the ill-fated 2017 event, which saw wealthy festival-goers becoming marooned in the Bahamas after a lack of basic provisions saw it descend into a living nightmare. While the harsh reality of the event was laid...

“Let’s blame the rapper LMAO ok”: Ja Rule hits out at new Fyre Festival documentaries

Ja Rule
Ja Rule has hit out at the recently released Fyre Festival documentaries, accusing the films' viewers of unfairly shifting the blame for the disastrous event onto him. Read More: The 10 most WTF moments from Netflix’s jaw-dropping Fyre Festival documentary Earlier this week, a documentary telling the story of the doomed ‘luxury’ festival landed on Netflix. FYRE focuses on the event’s co-founder Billy...

50 Cent says Ja Rule feud won’t end until ‘one of us is gone’

50 Cent
50 Cent has said his feud with Ja Rule won't end until "one of us is gone." The rappers recently reignited their beef, which originally started nearly 20 years ago. 50 Cent claimed he had purchased 200 tickets to one of Ja Rule's concerts so the front rows would be empty. The 'Always On Time' star then invited his...

Ja Rule challenges 50 Cent to ‘pull up for a meet and greet’ as feud continues

Ja Rule
Ja Rule has challenged 50 Cent to come to one of his gigs after he purchased 200 tickets for a recent show so the front rows would be empty. A feud between the two rappers has been ongoing for nearly 20 years. Although the reasons for the feud starting are unclear, 50 Cent mocked Ja Rule in diss track...