Morrissey to open pop-up merchandise shop in Salford

The shop will sell signed records and clothing

Morrissey says LAX immigration officers stole from him because he refused to follow orders

The musician also said Sydney airport staff tried to bait him to cause a scene

Morrissey says working with Harvest Records ‘almost killed’ him

He also commented on the state of music charts in 2016

Morrissey says he is ‘certain there will be skewered dog for sale’ when he plays in China

Promoting vegetarianism will be one of his "proudest legacies"

Morrissey says he didn’t need to celebrate David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister

He also commented on US politics, calling Bernie Sanders the country's only hope for positive change

Morrissey says reuniting with The Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr ‘doesn’t make sense any more’

The former Smiths frontman also said there is only one thing left in the band's vaults

Morrissey: ‘If Prince Harry ate 34 poor people in Haiti UK press would still call him a hero’

The outspoken musician said the Royal Family is "all human greed and arrogance"

Morrissey announces world tour

There is still only one UK date

Morrissey announces Manchester show next month

The gig will be his only UK appearance this year

Morrissey is angry at Buzzcocks over a McDonald’s advert

'What Do I Get' is featured in a new advert for the fast food chain