Sia ‘saddened to be getting shit’ for no-show at Australian Arias; gives gongs away on Twitter

Ed Sheeran tweeted to ask for one of her awards because he is 'overweight'

Beck and Sia collaborate on ‘Moonquake Lake’ for new film adaptation of ‘Annie’ – listen

The film was executively produced by Jay Z and Will Smith and will be released in December

Sia to auction her breath in a jar for charity

The singer's exhalation will be enclosed in a Mason jar "with silver sealing wax so no-one can accidentally open it"

How Sia’s Personal Resurrection Became Her Greatest Work Yet

Up until this point there have been two oft-quoted supposedly interesting things about Sia. First, her facelessness and atypical shunning of the limelight. When she has appeared in public this year it's been with a bag over her head, face-painted or with her back to the audience (it was written into her RCA contract that she doesn't have to...

Sia reveals embarrassment over ‘Titanium’ release

The track was originally intended for R&B singer Mary J Blige

The Strokes’ Nick Valensi set to feature on new Sia album

Guitarist finally gets side-project bug

Sia to release first DVD and live EP

'TV Is My Parent' comes out May 19

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Zero 7 vocalist shows of surreal costumes

Beck provides vocals on Sia’s forthcoming album

Zero 7 vocalist plots US tour

Sia reveals live album details

Zero 7 vocalist to release LP in April