Wiley on playing Glastonbury: ‘Fuck them and their farm’

The grime star's due to play a DJ set on the Sonic Stage tomorrow (June 29), but isn't very happy about it

Wiley – ‘Reload, Aim, Fire’

The best of the many instrumental grime tracks Wiley has uploaded onto SoundCloud this week. Jittery, hyperactive, creative: it's textbook. Using the word 'reload'...

Wiley announces UK tour dates – tickets

Grime MC to hit the road in September

Wiley claims he’s walking out on his record label in Twitter rant

Rapper claims Warner are forcing him to release a single he doesn't want to

Wiley – ‘The Ascent’

Wiley, the undisputed king of the British urban underground, has been an unstoppable force in music for over a decade, since he first popped...

Wiley: ”Eastenders’ actress named my album’

MC reveals he would like to play an Apple store worker in the BBC soap too

Wiley on leaking his album: ‘The Americans do it so why shouldn’t I?’

Grime man cites dispute with iTunes as reason for leak

Wiley Feat. Chip – ‘Reload’

Who is Chip? Why on earth would anyone call themselves Chip? I wish Wiley would get back to doing his USTREAM channel. That Ko-Lee...

Wiley replaces Frank Ocean at this weekend’s V Festival

Rapper will be joined by Skepta and JME during his live sets at the festival


One of the many thrilling things about grime is its rapid evolution. These days you’re as likely to hear it while walking round a...