Afroman is running for President to be “Pot Head Of State”

“Born in '74, a ghetto resident. 2024, Now I'm runnin' for president"

Afroman sued by seven officers who raided his home

The rapper is planning to countersue

Afroman says he’s running for president in 2024

"We gonna get legal weed everywhere"

The 20 best songs about smoking weed

They say there’s a holiday for everything these days. ‘International Sibling Day’, ‘International Unicorn Day’ - and who can forget ‘Sausage Week’? There’s nothing...

Afroman settles lawsuit with female fan he punched during concert

Afroman has settled a lawsuit with a female fan he punched during a concert in 2015. The 'Because I Got High' singer previously pleaded guilty to...

Afroman ordered to attend anger management sessions after punching twerking fan

'Because I Got High' singer also fined $330 (£216) for the assault

Afroman apologises after being arrested for punching female fan during gig

Singer said he was going to rehab for his anxiety


Despite a host of new entries, Afroman holds on for another week...