Art Brut

Art Brut storm Club NME LA

Eddie Argos encourages crowd to form a band, take off their clothes

Art Brut to headline Club NME LA tomorrow (June 17)

Nico Stai, Tall Hands will support

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Eddie Argos professes his love of Batman

Art Brut frontman suffers injury in Amsterdam

'I was carried out crying' says Eddie Argos

Art Brut announce LA residency

They'll play at Spaceland next month

Art Brut: ‘We’ll drink with The Enemy, not Kaiser Chiefs’

Band kick off UK tour in singer Eddie Argos' hometown of Poole

Album review: Art Brut

St Eddie of Argos is often held up as a sort of junior Jarvis. But is he? Jarvis was highly ambitious, positively craven when...

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Fans call for Glam Chops to represent UK in contest

Art Brut reveal new album tracklisting

'Art Brut vs Satan' is due out this spring

Art Brut go head to head with Satan in April

Band announce release date for new album