Asobi Seksu extend US tour

And their song 'Layers' will air on 'Ugly Betty'

Asobi Seksu play bad-hummus-inspired song at SXSW

And NASA bring on the dance party

Album review: Asobi Seksu

* Asobi Seksu is the colloquial translation for “playful sex” in Japanese. * Asobi Seksu's lead vocalist/keyboardist Yuki Chikudate got standing ovations at child prodigy recitals when she was just 8. * The melody of the closing track on 'Hush', 'Blind Little Rain' came to guitarist James Hanna during a mushroom trip in Martha's Vineyard. If ‘Hush’ is an apt title for...

Asobi Seksu reveal new album details

'Hush' is due out in February

Asobi Seksu plot North American tour

They also begin work on new album

Asobi Seksu

While Asobi Seksu aren’t 100 per cent twee, they certainly dip their tootsies in the ripples of Lake Cutesy, and as the huge NME office debate about Los Campesinos! has proved, twee is both divisive and of limited lifespan. We loved the candy floss take on shoegaze when their first two albums came out, but to be finding ourselves...

Asobi Seksu and Dan Sartain give away free music

Free MP3s available on One Little Indian comp

Asobi Seksu get remixed by CSS

Band also announce UK and European tour

Asobi Seksu

Look. Directly. At. Your. Shoes. Yes, quit pondering the jheri curls of Matt Bowman from The Pigeon Detectives’ hair and get shoegazing. If The Twang could (briefly) make baggy cool, Jap-pop duo Asobi Seksu have resurrected the spirit of that other, much maligned, early-’90s guitar phenomenon (and by ‘phenomenon’ we mean the regulars in the Good Mixer loved it)...

Asobi Seksu

If you’re not really getting any from your music right now, why not let Asobi Seksu (Japanese for ‘playful sex’) buy you a few cheap doubles and take you home for coffee? Tingly and tripped out, their grungy shoegaze is just the experience you’ve been craving. From the sugary, Lush-like dreampop of ‘Umi De No Jisatsu’ to the fuzzy,...