Be Your Own Pet

Be Your Own Pet

Three years ago, NME encountered Be Your Own Pet milling around outside a titty bar in their home town of Nashville. Giggling and playfully...

Be Your Own Pet announce UK tour

Band announce short jaunt starting next month

Be Your Own Pet map North American tour

Dates will see the band preview new album

Be Your Own Pet side-project details unveiled

Turbo Fruits complete debut album

Be Your Own Pet reveal new drummer

John Eatherly is even younger then his bandmates

Be Your Own Pet lose member

College calls for the Austin quartet

Be Your Own Pet: Be Your Own Pet

Aside from the deaf or those in a level of denial up there with David Irving’s idiot pronouncements on the Holocaust, everyone’s aware that...

UK Number One single revealed

And there's history made in the album chart

Be Your Own Pet: Adventure

After releasing the 58-second Lightning Bolt-esque wallop of ‘Let’s Get Sandy (Big Problem)’, the Nashville brats seem to have gotten all mellow on us...

Be Your Own Pet/Good Shoes/Harrisons/Jeffry Novak: Bush Hall, London, Wednesday February 1

Tonight, Jemina Pearl starts the evening selling T-shirts to underage fans. The 17-year-old nymphet singer of Be Your Own Pet is working on the...