Pioneering dubstep producer Walsh dies aged 40

“Walsh was one of the pioneers of dubstep. I don’t think he ever got enough credit for that”

Dubstep pioneers Skream and Benga are returning in 2022

"The boys are back in town..."

Benga retires from music to ‘start a family’

'Big up to all my real supporters,' says the DJ/producer

Benga, ‘Chapter II’

When someone writes a book about 21st century British pop, Benga will surely merit his own chapter for creating dubstep alongside fellow Croydon-ite Skream....

Benga – ‘Pour Your Love’

If you’re worried that music has no myth any more, too few characters and not enough gob, then look to Benga. To some he’s...

Benga ft BeBe Black – ‘Icon’

Benga’s first single from his second solo album is a bit of a tease. You spend the whole song waiting for the mental, hands-in-the-air,...