Billie Eilish

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Spotify has teamed up with Eilish to celebrate the release of her second album, 'Happier Than Ever'

Billie Eilish releases new album ‘Happier Than Ever’, says making it was the ‘most satisfying and profound experience’

"i wish i could go back and make this album all over again because it was some of the best nights in my life."

Billie Eilish – ‘Happier Than Ever’ review: an artist secures her status as a generational great

The star has repeated the success of her stellar debut – without repeating any of its tricks

Finneas addresses Billie Eilish troll accounts for “posting relentless lies”

"I have no problem with a joke as long as people know it’s a joke"

Billie Eilish announces BBC TV special ‘Up Close’

She'll also perform a live session for BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge

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Eilish spoke about the song in a new interview

Billie Eilish says she no longer reads comments on social media

"...Because otherwise I will spiral out"

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