Billy Corgan

Smashing Pumpkins release ‘Act II’ of new rock opera ‘ATUM’

'Act I' of the three-part opera came out in November last year

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Priscilla Presley, Riley Keough and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, also commemorated the late singer

Members of AFI, Deafheaven, Alexisonfire and more cover The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘1979’

It comes ahead of the second part of the Pumpkins’ new album ‘ATUM’

Listen to ‘Act 1’ of Smashing Pumpkins’ new rock opera ‘ATUM’

The first 11 songs of the three-part opera are available to stream now

Smashing Pumpkins cancel show after Billy Corgan comes down with laryngitis

The frontman has been updating fans on his condition via social media

Smashing Pumpkins initially met Billy Corgan’s triple album idea with “a big shrug”

The band are releasing the first instalment of three-part "rock opera" album, 'ATUM', next week

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Billy Corgan opens up about mental health in music, says industry is “designed to mess with your head”

“I think the 21st century of the music business should be a legacy of finding artists young, fostering them and making sure that they go on to create great music for generations to come”

Smashing Pumpkins release new single ‘Beguiled’ and tell us about their three-part “rock opera”, ‘ATUM’

"There’s a lot of people who believe less is more these days – I’m on the opposite side," Billy Corgan told NME