Boards of Canada – ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’

They may both be camera-shy electronic music duos with long-awaited new albums, but ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ shows Boards Of Canada to be essentially the anti-Daft Punk. While the Parisian robot duo’s ‘Random Access Memories’ is full of sunshine, light and high-profile collaborations, ‘Tomorrow’s Harvest’ is a dark, often uncomfortable affair, more nuclear winter than summer anthem. Their first new album...

Boards Of Canada’s ‘Live Album Transmission’ crashes official website

Fans could only listen to 'Tomorrow's Harvest' via the live YouTube feed posted on Facebook.

Boards Of Canada to host ‘Live Album Transmission’ on Monday (June 3)

'Tomorrow's Harvest' will be unveiled in full ahead of June 10 release

Boards of Canada debut new album from two speakers in middle of Californian desert

Band host unusual album playback for 'Tomorrow's Harvest'

Boards Of Canada debut new track ‘Cold Earth’ at Detroit’s Movement Festival

The band will also make another announcement at 5pm (US Pacific Time) today

Boards Of Canada unveil new track ‘Reach For The Dead’ – listen

The song comes from 'Tomorrow's Harvest' which is out on June 10 via Warp

Boards Of Canada to release first new album in eight years

The influential electronic act last put out an LP in 2005

Boards of Canada release mystery 12″ for Record Store Day – listen

Are the Scottish electronic duo set to release their first album in eight years?

Boards Of Canada return with new album

The reclusive dance duo are back...


1995's 'Twoism''s original pressing was just 100 vinyl copies - but now it's being remastered, recut and re-released...