Bon Jovi

“Wear a friggin’ mask!”: Bruce Springsteen leads campaign for pandemic safety in New Jersey

Jon Bon Jovi and other famous residents of the state have also joined the #MaskUpNJ campaign

Donald Trump criticises Lady Gaga, Bon Jovi, Beyoncé and Jay-Z for supporting the Democrats

The current President claimed to have drawn "bigger crowds" than Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, despite their star-studded support

Bon Jovi’s new song ‘American Reckoning’ hears band reflect on George Floyd’s death

"When did a judge and jury become a badge and a knee on these streets?"

Bon Jovi to address coronavirus crisis on fan-assisted new song ‘Do What You Can’

The track will premiere as part of next week's Jersey 4 Jersey fundraiser

Bon Jovi team up with Prince Harry on new charity single ‘Unbroken’

It features Harry, the artist formerly known as Prince...

Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan has tested positive for coronavirus

"This will be over soon… with the help of every American"

Prince Harry and Bon Jovi record charity song together at Abbey Road

Recording the charity single comes as one of the prince's final royal duties