Bonde Do Role use reality TV to find new members

Band unveil brand new line-up to the world

Bonde Do Role lose a member

Internal problems see Marina Vello parts ways with the band

Bonde Do Role reveal new EP details

It features remixes by CSS and Peaches

Bonde Do Role

When the cover of your single boasts a squadron of warrior chickens launching a bombing raid on a rival barn by dropping explosive eggs on it then you’re always going to struggle to deliver. Incredibly, ‘Solta O Frango’ manages to and then some, being an entirely magnificent and utterly bonkers mess of computerised samba, electro breakdowns, and vocals that...

Bonde Do Role plot North American tour

They'll hit the States this fall

Bonde Do Rolê

Bonkers baille-funk keeps the carnival just the right side of crazy The six-legged, twin-sexed Brazilian baile-funk megalith that is Bonde Do Rolê doesn’t believe in wasting time; ‘With Lasers’ rattles through its 12 songs in a sprightly 30 minutes, leaving you with barely enough time to catch your breath between its Day-Glo, potty-mouthed and utterly crazed copulations. But what a...

Bonde do Role cancel West Coast shows

Emergency surgery forces DJ Rodrigo to return to Brazil

Bonde Do Role

So, if Brazil is the new Camden, crime rate and all, that makes Brazil-born CSS-alikes Bonde Do Role as trendy as Pixie Geldof wearing Noel Fielding’s hat in The Hawley Arms, or something. Whatever, this bongo-bolstered rocker is a treat, and sung in …Do Role’s native tongue, too, leading us to instantly declare English-singing Lovefoxxx and her CSS tribe...

Bonde Do Role forced out of Great Escape at last minute

But Answering Machine climax festival with stage invasion

Gruff Rhys, Bonde Do Role for UK/Brazil fest

Os Mutantes, Four Tet also collaborate