Brian Eno

David Byrne working on new music with Brian Eno and Oneohtrix Point Never

David Byrne has revealed that he's working on new music with Brian Eno and Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never. Taking part in a reddit...

Brian Eno clarifies comments about ‘complete disaster’ Donald Trump

Brian Eno has clarified recent comments he made about Donald Trump's Presidency. Earlier this week, Eno made headlines after a Guardian interview in which he...

Brian Eno says he’s ‘pleased’ about Trump Presidency ‘because it gives us a kick up the arse’

Brian Eno has described himself as "pleased" about Donald Trump's rise to office in the US and Brexit in the UK because "it gives...

Brian Eno shares New Year’s Day message, urges public to push for equality

Brian Eno has shared an extensive New Year's Day message, urging the public to push for equality. Taking to his Facebook page today (January 1st),...

Brian Eno launches interactive website to accompany ‘The Ship’

The producer describes the project as an “generative film”

Brian Eno urges Brits to vote against Brexit

Eno joins Bob Geldof in declaring his support for the 'Remain' campaign

Brian Eno backs Independent Label Market boycott of Israel

'It is important that the rest of the world registers its strong disapproval' - Eno

Brian Eno shares 21-minute-long new song ‘The Ship’

The producer has released the title track of his new album

Brian Eno buys Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s hat for £250 at auction

The money goes to help support the Stop The War campaign group