Brian Eno

Brian Eno backs Independent Label Market boycott of Israel

'It is important that the rest of the world registers its strong disapproval' - Eno

Brian Eno shares 21-minute-long new song ‘The Ship’

The producer has released the title track of his new album

Brian Eno buys Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s hat for £250 at auction

The money goes to help support the Stop The War campaign group

Brian Eno rummages through John Peel’s record collection – watch

Eno is the guest speaker for this year's John Peel Lecture, which will take place on Sunday (September 27)

Brian Eno to ‘examine the ecology of culture’ in fifth annual John Peel Lecture

Electronic music pioneer will deliver the speech in London during September

Brian Eno delivers speech at rally for Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn – watch

Eno says the Labour hopeful 'changes the conversation and moves us off this small-minded agenda'

Brian Eno shares previously unreleased track ‘Prague’ – listen

Eno will reissue four albums from the '90s in December

Brian Eno to reissue four albums with unreleased music

'Nerve Net', 'The Shutov Assembly', 'Neroli' and 'The Drop' will be re-released via All Saint Records on December 2

Brian Eno compares Israel to ‘the Klan’ in strongly-worded letter about Israel-Palestine conflict

The producer brands America as "hypocritical" for its support of Israel's "ragingly racist theocracy" in Gaza