Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris and David Guetta to headline inaugural Creamfields South

Fatboy Slim, Deadmau5 and more will also take to the stage

Madness remember locking Calvin Harris in a portable toilet: “Unnecessary all round”

Harris reportedly turned down an autograph for saxophonist Lee Thompson's children

Calvin Harris says NFTs “can completely revolutionise the music industry”

"I haven't really realised the scope of what an NFT can be - I don't think any of us really have"

Calvin Harris accuses UK government of “treating music industry like shit” during pandemic

"You’ve lost sight of what life is’d rather live in a world of supermarkets and pharmaceutical drugs"

Calvin Harris and The Weeknd team up for collaborative single, ‘Over Now’

The pair have been teasing its release on social media

Sizzling summer albums to listen to during the Saharan blowtorch heatwave

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Calvin Harris shares pumping new Love Regenerator track ‘Live Without Your Love’, featuring Steve Lacy

The DJ started releasing new music under the moniker earlier this year

Calvin Harris says doctors restarted his heart after he “died ” in 2014

The DJ revealed his health scare on Twitter last night