Christopher Nolan

‘Oppenheimer’ is still doing huge business in China

Christopher Nolan's historical epic has been a huge IMAX success in China

You can read the full ‘Oppenheimer’ script for free here

Christopher Nolan wrote the script in the first person

Christopher Nolan rumoured to be directing two James Bond films

Nolan previously said taking on the franchise would be “an amazing privilege”

German side of ‘Oppenheimer’ is told in new play coming to the UK

Alan Brody’s ‘Operation Epsilon’ debuts in London this month

‘Oppenheimer’ surpasses Marvel blockbuster to set new box office milestone

It's now the third highest-grossing film of the year

When is ‘Oppenheimer’ available to stream?

Christopher Nolan’s historical drama looks set to arrive on streaming services later this year

‘Oppenheimer’ hits another milestone as it crosses $850million in global ticket sales

The film has become Christopher Nolan’s third biggest film

Christopher Nolan cut ‘Oppenheimer’ shoot to free up money for set design

A production designer on the film called the decision "the most incredible thing"

‘Oppenheimer’ beats ‘Barbie’ at global box office for first time

Christopher Nolan’s historical drama received a boost in its sixth week of release