Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! – The best and worst rock star attempts… so far!

Which rockstars have triumphed and/or gloriously failed when taking on our weekly career-spanning memory quiz?

Does Rock ‘N’ Roll Kill Braincells?! – Tjinder Singh, Cornershop

1: In 2002, which Guinness World Record did Cornershop try to break? “Longest mix? It was one song going on for 24 hours. Someone...

Cornershop: “There’s not a lot of politics in music. Paloma Faith isn’t politics. That’s business.”

Few bands could return into the maelstrom of hate and division that is modern Britain that would feel as needed as Cornershop. Since 1991...

Cornershop – ‘Urban Turban’

According to singer Tjinder Singh, Beck’s creative guru once said Cornershop would be big, suffer a lull, and then go supernova. The concluding part...

Cornershop announce new album ‘Urban Turban’

Band's eighth studio album is due for release on May 14

Cornershop post new single ‘Don’t Shake It (Let It Free)’ online – video

Band collaborate with Free Tibet in protest against China

Cornershop announce new collaboration album

Duo have joined forces with Bubbley Kaur

Cornershop set for new single and tour

'The Roll Off…' is released on May 26

Cornershop announce first proper gig for six years

Cult legends return with new album in 2009